Federal Employees who protect their eyes with FEP BlueVision get tons of benefits.

Free Annual Eye Exams

Save on annual eye exams, frames, lenses, conventional contact lenses and laser vision correction.

Free Standard
Eyeglass Lenses

Includes choice of glass or plastic lenses, all lens powers, fashion and gradient tinting and many other options.

Lens Treatment Savings

Many optional lens treatments, such as polarized or blended segment lenses, are available to members at significant savings.

Free Exclusive
Collection Frames

Members can choose any frame from FEP BlueVision's Exclusive Collection, or get up to $150 toward any other frame.

Contact Lens Allowance

In lieu of eyeglasses, members get up to $150 toward contact lenses.

Other Significant Savings

Members also enjoy significant savings on lens options not fully covered by FEP BlueVision, contact lens replacements and laser correction surgery.

Enjoy these great benefits plus our extensive network of nearly 29,500 ophthalmologists and optometrists. Learn more and sign up for FEP BlueVision today.